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Working with Nonna Juana has been a rewarding experience. I had the opportunity to create a distinct visual identity for this independent deli, covering everything from logos to a simple and cohesive colour palette. The menu design aimed to present their fusion of South American and Mediterranean cuisines in a straightforward and appealing way, ensuring it's easy for customers to navigate.

The packaging design, made from food-safe paper, serves a practical purpose while reflecting the care put into each product. Social media templates were crafted to seamlessly fit Nonna Juana's online presence, providing a consistent and engaging visual language. This work is about celebrating family, tradition, and the joy of sharing authentic, homemade goodness with the community. I'm eager to see how the understated yet vibrant branding enhances Nonna Juana's connection with their local community.


Dandilyon and I teamed up to revamp her brand, aiming to bring out the genuine essence of her passion. It wasn't just about a sleek appearance; we wanted her brand to shout, "This is me, and I love what I do!"

Our collaboration focused on making every aspect of her brand visually appealing and a true reflection of her dedication. In our sessions, we delved into what makes Dandilyon tick – the things she truly cares about. The result wasn't just a new logo or colour palette; it was a brand identity that felt authentically her.

From logos to strategy and packaging, every detail echoed her genuine commitment. This wasn't about putting up a facade; it was about telling Dandilyon's story through her brand. Now, her customers don't just engage with a business; they connect with a person who loves what she does.


Dandilyon now has a brand that feels like a true representation of herself, inviting customers to be a part of her journey.


DrinksRation is a groundbreaking smartphone application created to assist the Armed Forces Community in effectively managing, monitoring, and reducing alcohol consumption.


Supported by thorough research conducted by King's College London, it is the only scientifically validated solution of its kind. Otterlunn Creative played a pivotal role in this venture by revamping the brand identity, enhancing the app's visuals, creating distinctive drink icons, and crafting engaging social media posts.


This collaborative effort aimed to ensure that DrinksRation's image and communication materials effectively conveyed its importance and innovation to its target audience.


Earthly Grind, a sustainable and eco-friendly coffee company, was in need of a fresh and unique brand design. This project included logo types, a colour palette, packaging design, and merchandise featuring custom illustrations.


The aim was to create a brand identity that not only reflects the company's commitment to sustainability but also resonates uniquely with its eco-conscious audience. The result is a cohesive and visually appealing brand that captures the essence of Earthly Grind's dedication to providing eco-friendly and delightful coffee experiences.